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frequently Asked questions

Are there really "Three Sisters"?

Yes. Two of the sisters run the shop full-time and they now have several "honorary sisters" to help as well.

What CAke flavors, frostIngs AND fiLLIngs do you offer?

Do you offer Gluten Free cakes?

Yes. We are NOT a Gluten Free facility but we offer Gluten Free Vanilla, Chocolate and Marble flavors.

Are you a Nut Free facilIty?

No. We can make cakes and other sweets that are Nut Free but we are NOT a Nut Free facility.

Why are the CAkes all different prices?

Because each cake is individually baked and decorated the price will vary. The price will change depending on the amount of time we spent and materials used to decorate the cake. Every cake is unique in its own way which keeps us from having a set price.

How mucH notIce do you need for my order?

Depending on the cake size we usually prefer at least 1-2 weeks notice in order to accommodate all orders. Wedding cakes should be ordered at least 2-4 months in advance of the wedding date. We try to accommodate all orders but because each cake takes time and attention we do fill up so the sooner the order is placed the better.

Do you delIver?

Currently, delivery is only offered for wedding orders (over $300), and it is $3.00/mile round trip.

Can I have a cOnsultation for my order?

We are happy to book a consultation for a custom cake consult (serving 75 people or more) however it would not include a tasting. The consult would include a private meeting with our head decorator and a custom cake sketch.

Where do I begin with plAcing my order?

The best way to start your order is to figure out how many servings you will need and what cake flavor/filling/frosting you'd like. It's also helpful if you have a theme, color scheme, pictures, etc that you'd like us to work with. If you are struggling to come up with an idea feel free to look through our online cake gallery for inspiration. Once you've decided on a direction for your cake give us a call or email to begin the process of placing your order.

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